The Card Deck is (finally) here!

If you’ve been following me for a while, this has been a long time coming, yes?

I’ve been working with the ancient, sacred stories of women for nearly 20 years now!
(How is that possible?!!?)

Now, it’s available for you!

The Sacred Muse Intuitive Wisdom Deck

52 cards – each holding powerful wisdom from 52 women’s ancient, sacred stories.

A daily infusion of wisdom – or a journaling prompt – or a sacred practice – or all three!

The endless blessing and felt presence of ancient, sacred women on your behalf.

$25 + Shipping

Includes Deck of 52 cards (3.5 x 5.5, rounded corners, laminated)
plus recommended uses and organza bag for safekeeping.

Using the cards:

I draw a card nearly every morning as a journaling prompt. Other times, when faced with a decision and needing  perspective and wisdom. In a seasons of grief when I need to know that I’m seen and heard. When seeking clarity. When I want to be reminded that I’m not alone – that my forebears stand alongside me as advocates and friends.

Because I have been so powerfully companioned by these women and their wisdom,
I can hardly wait for them to offer the same to you.

What choices might you make, strength might you find,
and support might you know
if these were the voices you listed to and trusted?

You will know when it’s time to walk away.

The divine shows up for you. Always.

Oh, what wildness you are yet to birth.



You reflect the divine.

Your desire is good.

Your choices do not birth disaster.



What (and whom) you worship is up to you.

You enable powerful alliances.

You do not go quietly; nor should you.



Other women are your allies.

Stand up to the powers-that-be.

Trust the impact of the life you bring forth.


The Midwives

You have the capacity to change everything.

Say what must be said, even when it’s hard.

Make brave and beautiful choices.


Queen Esther

Trust your heart.

Take crazy risks.

Let go of the outcome.



(Not to scale. These are a taste of just some of the wisdom you’ll find discover and cherish within this deck.)

I can hardly wait until these are in your hands, your home, your heart!