I love writing – no doubt about it. And I’ve been doing it for a very long time. But in just the last little while, I’ve wanted to offer more – or at least something different.

So, these Monday Morning Letters.

It’s true: I have a whole queue of ancient, sacred stories that I love. I want you to know these women, to experience them as advocates and friends, muses and mentors. I also have a whole queue of my own stories; so many scenes in my life in which I’ve struggled, not been 100% myself, not been sovereign – and times in which I’ve made strides forward, trusted my wisdom, been stronger and far more authentic. In complete transparency, please know that both ends of this spectrum are definitely ongoing!)

These Monday Morning letters are a space in which I’m combining these things together with two intentions: 1) to offer you ways to see and understand your own story through the lens of the stories I’m telling, the writing I do; and 2) to remind you that you’re not alone.

It’s hard (and ongoing and amazing) work: being a woman in this world. I’d be honored to come alongside you in any and every way I can. These Monday Morning Letter are at least a start…

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