You are a strong, intelligent, outspoken women who is aligned, authentic, in integrity and

…there are still spaces and times, conversations and contexts, where you are not quite all of who you know yourself to be. 

But you’re not deceived. You can see her: this vision of who you truly are, who you know you have the capacity to become and be.

A woman who:

  • takes risks
  • ends less-than healthy relationships
  • stops holding back in words, in actions, in expressed emotions
  • speaks her mind
  • doesn’t play small
  • feels fully herself (almost all of the time)

How do you bridge the gap?

How do you lessen the dissonance?

How do you get from where you are to who you want to be (and stay there more often than not)?

And all of this without compromising or complying or losing your nerve to fear (which, by the way, is completely understandable)?

At least the beginnings of an answer are found in being totally honest:

There are costs to being fully yourself, speaking your truth, busting through obstacles, walking away from relationships or jobs, letting yourself be completely seen…

And there are costs to not being fully yourself: yes, your alignment and authenticity and integrity; also your relationships, your job,  your power and creativity and strength, your very sense of self…

BOTH are true! BOTH are real. To think (or be told) to *just* choose yourself when so much is on the line is naive and way too simplistic.

So, how do you do this?

Mmmmmm. That’s what SOVEREIGNTY is all about!

I know all about the gap, all about the dissonance, all about the costs – on both sides.

In my (former) marriage,
as a mom,
in corporate leadership,
in my business,
in my writing,
in the thoughts that keep me up at night…

It is hard to be a woman in this world, to not play small, to follow our desires, to make bold and risky choices, to speak our truth, and to bear the consequences that are often (if not always) inherent in each and every one of these things.

You and me both have conquered so much, so many times…and…those spaces remain where we just can’t quite break through, rise up, be fully and completely ourselves with consistency and confidence – in our sovereignty.

Let me be clear: you can be (and are) the most amazing human. Your life is, for the most part and in so many ways, is completely on track.

And yet…

I’ve talked to countless women. And though the circumstances are vastly different and distinct, the stories unique and personal, there are also commonalities…

  • “I’m on top of it as far as my business and work-in-the-world go, but there’s one relationship in which I feel like I can’t be fully myself because their politics and beliefs are SO far from my own. I don’t want to ostracize them or offend in any way, so I tamp myself down.”
  • “I feel strong, even sovereign in most every aspect of my life, but when it comes to my home life, you’d think I couldn’t find a hammer and nail without my partner’s help. It makes me crazy!”
  • “I take on so much responsibility for the emotional stability of people in my world. I have the capacity to care for them. I know how to be present on their behalf. And I’m weary. It’s costing me…something, I’m just not completely sure what.”
  • “I have a thriving business with amazing clients and stable income but I feel like I’m being pulled toward something different and distinct. It feels risky. I’m afraid I’d be so much of an outlier that no one would understand me.”
  • “I struggle to believe in myself where my work-in-the-world is concerned. I want to, believe me, but something just keeps getting in the way, holding me back, keeping me feeling less-than, somehow. It’s so frustrating, even sad. I want more!”

It is the ongoing (and endless) acknowledgement of your own sovereignty that invites you into the full-and-glorious version of yourself that you want to be – not just sometimes, but all the time.

Four interconnected realms of focus and attention help me return, again and again, to my own sovereignty. Not perfectly. Not without risk or cost. Not forever-and-ever-amen. But most-definitely with intention, alignment, and faith. Faith in who I know myself to be.


The struggle is not the ability to hear your own wisdom – your intuition, your gut, that know-that-you-know-that-you-know voice within. You’re clear: you’re wise! The struggle is trusting it consistently! Sovereignty invites, encourages, and strengthens exactly that.


Acknowledging that we have agency and acting, doing, being, is far easier said than done. Making choices that are in alignment with who we are and who we want to be automatically include risk and cost. Naming that and making choices with that awareness matters.


Wisdom. Check. Agency. Check. Stepping forward? Mmmm. That’s another thing entirely, yes? Sovereignty compels the smallest, almost imperceptible steps and the boldest of leaps. And not alone: companioned by women who see and understand you!


Hardly a Pollyanna-esque or postive mindset, hope is a defiant perspective; it’s a given that changes everything: our own stories, others, and our world. Hope is wild and expansive and brave. It is bold and dangerous and beautiful. It is everything. More of that, please!

All of this is part-and-parcel with a woman’s life journey, to be sure – AND – it’s my privilege and honor to offer a space that combines rich conversation, generous community and powerful content; where we can look at all of this head-on and then take incremental, manageable, and sometimes the tiniest of steps foward – together.

We begin on September 13, 2022


(3 equal payments of $200 available)

I cannot recommend Ronna & SOVEREIGNTY enough. During our weeks together, I rediscovered the sovereignty that has always existed in me, but was buried through conditioning and fears. Ronna seamlessly weaves structure and a framework, along with ancient, sacred stories of women — some of which I knew, others I didn’t. By reclaiming those stories of silenced women, we learned as participants to reclaim ourselves — to tell our own stories, to claim our own stories, and to claim our sovereignty. Every week I looked especially forward to these stories, which now feel a part of me. There is SO much wisdom through the container that Ronna provides. Beyond grateful. ~ Tricia Bolender, Executive Coach

What’s included:

Six weeks of my teaching – live and in-the-moment. I’ve curated and created the content from my lived-experience, my writing, my own sovereignty-story, every bit of what I’ve been working on for nearly 2 decades, and the stories. Oh, the stories! TUESDAYS: 9/13 through 10/18, 3:00-4:30 EST.

Weekly Group Calls on Zoom. Community. Rich conversation. Amazing women.

Sacred, amazing, and archetypal stories (the ones I LOVE!) that strengthen, encourage, and sustain.

Valuable, practical tools to use within the 6 weeks of the program and ongoing.

Optional discounted 1:1 sessions with me.

This is for you if:

  • You know you are sovereign…and…stepping there, fully, unapologetically? Yep. Easier said than done.
  • The idea of being 100% yourself, 100% of the time feels almost too good to be true.
  • You LOVE stories and are hungry for MORE.  Stories that support you, encourage you, even advocate for you. You know they’re out there, but they’ve somehow been co-opted or told in ways that haven’t felt right or true.
  • You do NOT want to get in your own way. Not this time. Not anymore. Enough, already!
  • You want your heart to lead, empower, and transform – not just yourself, but your world.
  • You can see her – the you that is regal, tall, strong, courageous, beautiful, and wise. Getting there and staying there? That’s the challenge (and the invitation).
  • You know you have more to offer, say, do, and be and you want all of this and then some more than anything.
  • Sovereignty sounds just out of reach, but oh-so-delicious. (Eve would say: Go ahead and reach – grab – taste! Follow that desire. It is even better than you’ve imagined.)

SOVEREIGNTY was a “yes” for me because I wanted the opportunity to learn from Ronna. The most valuable impact from the 9 weeks was being able to acknowledge that in many, many ways I already am sovereign; that I contain all the necessary components. ~ Jennie Alexis, Values Leader

It’s a rare thing to show up on a call led by someone of Ronna’s deep well of knowledge and feel as though you are not only welcome, but the teacher feels honored to have you. Over the course of the program I could feel myself reconnecting, finding my way back to the origins of truth that thread throughout the many stories that for so long have been lost. And doing so with a group of other seekers felt like a reconciliation and renewal – like finding my way home. ~ Jill Prescott, Spiritual Badass

This program was way more and way better and way deeper healing than I knew to ask for. Though I had an idea it would be awesome, what I got was a gift I didn’t know to ask for, much less receive. 

I’m so grateful I said, “yes.”
~ Sheri M.

I’m so glad I decided to participate in SOVEREIGNTY. Ronna provided useful resources and practical tools that help me show up in the world as my whole self.

Anyone looking to grow in their confidence, groundedness, or feminine power will benefit. 10/10, I recommend.
~ Mo D.

I have never considered myself through a lens of sovereignty. For the first time in my life, I feel that I have permission. Ronna gave me a gift I didn’t know I needed or wanted.
~ Terri H.

SOVEREIGNTY begins on Tuesday, September 13, 2022

(3 equal payments of $200 available)