That would be something, yes?

It is not out of reach. 
In fact, just the opposite.

I believe this is exactly what calls to us as women:
authenticity, truth, freedom, expanse.
We hear it whispering, sometimes shouting, ever-present.  

Call it a knowing – in our bones, in our cells, and certainly in our heart;
a deep certainty that our inner wisdom is “right” and can be trusted;
that we can trust ourselves; that we can be ourselves.

And yet…

We struggle to take action;
to be consistent and decisive;
to bring about the change we long for on our own behalf,
not to mention in our work, our relationships, and our world.

The gap between these two – between what we know and what we do,
what we know and who we be – is exhausting.


  • Pleasing others becomes our default over choosing what is right for us; we feel guilty either way.
  • The disconnect between our inner dialogue and what we actually say out loud wears on us; the self–compromise is chronic.
  • We are clear on the tough choices needed, but don’t trust ourselves (or others) enough to make them.
  • We long to rise up from all of this, to stand tall, to speak truth, to be brave; but time marches on and little changes.

Believe me: I know all about the gap, all about the struggle.

In my (former) marriage,
as a mom,
in corporate leadership,
in my business,
in my writing,
in the thoughts that keep me up at night…

It is hard to be a woman in this world, to not play small, to follow our desires, to make bold and risky choices, to speak our truth, and to bear the consequences that are often (if not always) inherent in each and every one of these things.

Despite all of this, what we want (and deserve) is to believe in, trust, and
be 100% ourselves, 100% of the time.

In my book, that’s sovereignty.

The next cohort convenes in September, 2021.

Price: $450

You’re right: this is far less than the “beta” of this program…and in some cases, far less than what other programs might cost.
I have made an intentional choice for me: to provide affordable access to content I believe in and want women to have.
I’m clear that my value and worth  – my sovereignty – are not hooked to what I charge.

If you’d like to talk first – just to make sure this is for you, I’d love that!
Schedule a 30-minute call with me, completely complimentary, so we can chat.


9 weeks of my teaching – live and in-the-moment via weekly group calls on Zoom. The content itself is curated and developed from my lived-experience, my writing, my own sovereignty-story that I’ve been working with and practicing for nearly 2 decades.

An easy-to-use online platform complete with recordings of the calls (if you miss a live one), worksheets, journaling prompts, resources, and community.

Sacred, amazing, and archetypal stories that strengthen, encourage, and sustain.

Valuable, practical tools to use within the program and ongoing.

A Spotifty playlist of curated music to encourage and uplift. (SO fun!)

SOVEREIGNTY is for you if:

  • You have read the books, taken the courses (I know…there’s some irony here), incorporated the practices. You know-know-know. It’s the “doing” that is the struggle, the gap.
  • You hold space for others, are of service, do powerful work in the world and are hungry for support that’s for you.
  • You know that your sacred self is sovereign…and…stepping there, fully, unapologetically? I know. Easier said than done.
  • The idea of being 100% yourself, 100% of the time feels almost too good to be true.
  • You are clear about the amazing things that are unique to you – your calling, your passions, your heart – and you do NOT want to get in your own way.
  • You are bone-weary from the disconnect between your internal life and the external one. You want your heart to lead, empower, and transform. (It’s that powerful; you are.)
  • You see a picture in your mind’s eye where you are regal, tall, strong, courageous, beautiful, and wise. Getting there and staying there? That’s the challenge (and the invitation).
  • You are a woman who knows she has more to offer, say, do, and be and you want all of this and then some more than anything.
  • Sovereignty sounds just out of reach, but oh-so-delicious. (Eve would say: Go ahead and reach – grab – taste! Follow that desire. It is even better than you’ve imagined.)
  • Even one of these bullets – or all of them – are very close to who and how you long to be.