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I am committed to any and everything I can do, offer, and invite,
on behalf of the story and life you desire and deserve to live.

Every week I write you a letter.

It is one of my very favorite things to do – collate and curate my thoughts, my ideas, my questions, and my heart – all on your behalf. Stories. Wisdom. Perspective. Some rants from time-to-time. Every letter (via email) is designed to encourage, compel, even provoke. And every once in a while I fill you in on what I’m reading, watching, listening to, even embroidering, knitting, or baking! Every Monday. Totally free. From my heart to yours. Truly.

Our 1:1 work together.

Spiritual Direction and Coaching

This is my greatest love: being in conversation with you. But more important than what I love is what you need and deserve. It matters: talking about your story, your challenges, your desires, the stuff that gets in the way, and all that you long to move through and transform as you step ever-more fully into all your wisdom, beauty, and strength. Ahhhhh.

I’ve been working with women 1:1 for 15+ years now. Rich conversations. Sacred conversations. Thought partnership. Guidance. Advocacy. Not *just* coaching, but the something more you’ve been looking for, waiting for, trusting in.

Go deeper. More honesty, vulnerability . . . and strength. Step into the story and life you KNOW is yours.

Book Coaching

Whether you have a completed manuscript or just the glimmer of an idea, it is a lot of work (and can often be overwhelming) to move words on a page to your voice in the world. 

I offer packages that help you clarify your message, craft a formal book proposal, and strategize and implement your pitch. In addition, I offer ongoing writing coaching in which I provide a safe container and serve as a sacred witness.  

The Sacred Muse: a Card Deck

Mmmmm. All the stories. All the wisdom. And so much more.

The Sacred Muse: I’ve gathered 52 stories of ancient, divine-and-sacred women together into an Intuitive Wisdom Card Deck. It’s like hearing them speak directly on your behalf (in re-visioned and powerful ways) – because, of course, they do!

Sacred Readings

2023 New Year SacredReadings are 50% off through 12/20/22.

I draw a card from the deck I’ve created.

The woman, her story, and her unique wisdom will be perfect for you. It’s a lot to promise, but every. single. time. that has been the case – for me and the 1000’s of women to whom I’ve provided Sacred Readings over the years.

Your Sacred Reading is perfect…for you. She is. All the deeply-feminine wisdom, grace, and advocacy you desire and deserve.

My Book

Rewriting Eve: Claiming the Sacred Stories of Women As Our Own will be published by She Writes Press on 10.3.23.