It’s true: women’s stories have the power to change everything.


The way they are told (or not), the way they are seen (or not), the way they are heard (or not), the way they are honored (or not) impacts everything…including OUR stories.

Because I want YOUR story to be told, seen, heard, and honored as wise and powerful and filled with the sovereignty that is, unarguably, yours, I’m telling some old ones in a brand new way.


One of those stories is about to change everything for you.

SACRED Readings do exactly that.

There is a whole collection of women’s stories – ancient, sacred ones – that have not been told, seen, heard, and honored in ways that they deserve. (At least not to my standard.)

Starting with and inspired by Eve, there are sages, mentors, elders, and wise-ones who have been waiting to be uncovered, dusted off, unbound from patriarchal and dogmatic tellings, reimagined, and empowered. They have SO much to say. And when you listen close, you can hear them…

One of them – one woman, her story, and all of her deep and gorgeous wisdom – is longing to speak into your story, your heart, your life.  

Trust the process.

I’ll draw a card – that’s how it begins. It’s a deck I created almost 15 years ago – 52 women, their stories, their wisdom.

The woman on it, her story, and the unique wisdom she offers will be perfect for you. It’s a lot to promise, but every. single. time. that has been the case – for me, to be sure, and for the 1000s of women I’ve provided SACRED Readings to over the years.

Within 48 hours you will receive your SACRED Reading: a beautiful , comprehensive, filled-to-the-brim document with applicable, rich, and practical wisdom.  (Oh, that I could find the right words to describe what you’ll receive; “document” sounds somewhat sterile and report-like; believe me, it’s anything but).

Included within is the woman who I believe has chosen you, her story, and the exact ways in which every bit of it applies to yours. You’ll feel as though she’s speaking just to you…because she is. (That’s what happens when women’s stories are heard: we hear them!) You’ll discover practical ways to incorporate her advocacy, wisdom, and grace into your day-to-day life: journaling prompts, action steps, rituals and rhythms to revel in. And perhaps best of all, a deeply personal blessing-mantra-prayer that will strengthen your very soul, 24/7/365.


It’s perfect…for you. She is.

You know when you scratch an itch that you didn’t know was even there? That was my Reading, the soothing of a deep soul itch. I expect nothing but impeccability when it comes to Ronna’s work. It left me teary-eyed and truly breathless. Truth’s like that.

Tanya Geisler

Leadership Coach,

From the first page to the last, my Reading spoke to an area of my life where I had substantial questions and doubts. Somehow, the whole Reading addressed them all. I’m a VERY private person, so there is no way Ronna could have known what to mention or how to address it. Spirit is alive and well in her Readings.

Lena West

Business Strategist, CEO Rising

I bought a Reading when I was at a huge turning point and had no idea what a transformational year lay ahead of me. My Reading was exactly what I needed to hear to help me finally publish my book, and believe in how important my own journey is.

Meghan Genge

Mindset Guide,

These women’s stories have changed everything for me:

People often ask me about how I started creating SACRED Readings in the first place and why they matter to me. There’s a longer story (of course), but I’ve captured the basics here.

You’ll get a taste of my experience with these women, their stories, and why I want you to have them. Quick answer? Because women’s stories change everything! 

Purchase your SACRED Reading today.

Purchase 3 or more at a discounted rate. For example: one for the New Year, one for your Birthday, and a third to hold-in-wait for a significant decision or transition point…or to give as gift. Email me for details:


Your SACRED Reading includes a 12-15+ page document – one woman, her story, predominant themes, reflection questions, actions steps, journaling prompts, direct application, and a personalized blessing/mantra/prayer.

Add a Call to your SACRED Reading

This IS my super-power and deepest love: beautiful, poignant conversations. Listening close, going deep, and offering you every bit of the encouragement, hope, and wisdom you desire and deserve.

A few final thoughts:

Chances are high you’ve not heard of these before, seen anything like them, experienced them. (Which sounds vaguely familiar to the women’s stories themselves: unheard, unseen, and un-experienced for the change-everything wisdom they possess.) What I’ve created is, indeed, one-of-a-kind and, truth-be-told, work I am immensely grateful for and proud of.

My ask is that you trust me (and the relevant, timely, and change-everything power and wisdom of these women and their stories).

I believe – at my deepest core – that your READING will offer you exactly what you need. It will leave you feeling seen, heard, and known. You will be encouraged and compelled. And you’ll be the recipient of truths that are unique to your story. You deserve every bit of this – and then some.


Who are READINGS best suited for?

These are for perfect for you if:

  • you want specific, practical, even mystical-and-magical ways of understanding your own story and stepping forward in power and strength

  • you want to walk through the year ahead knowing that you are companioned, accompanied, and never alone

  • you have learned (and are learning) to listen to the wisdom that dwells deep within you – and you want more (!!)

  • you love the wisdom that comes from listening to other women and their stories

  • you long to know more about the vast, endless, beautiful lineage of women that sweeps back to the dawn of time and wraps itself around you even now, even still

  • you are grateful to be standing on the shoulders of generations of women who still speak, still comfort, still support, still guide

  • you wish for ways to make sense of a whole canon of stories that, like the baby with the bathwater, may have been tossed out long ago

  • you know truth when you hear it and are hungry for more

Where did the card deck come from?

Oooh. That’s another good story!

Years ago, I sat at my kitchen table with four other women.

We talked about the ancient, sacred stories I reminagined and retold. All of us knew them in their “original form.” We’d learned them (and the dogma that accompanied) in our childhood. Each of us, in our own ways, had taken on the embedded “truths” within: be quiet; stay in line; do not trust your heart, your thinking, your desire. And definitely don’t upset the apple cart.

Somehow, it didn’t matter that we’d walked away, rejected (or held more objectively) the text from which they came, even chosen different beliefs. Those lessons-learned felt like they were part of our DNA: impossible to shake, no matter how hard we tried.

I remember flippantly saying that I ought to create a card deck of the stories – told in radically different ways: full of feminine wisdom, strength, and power. Maybe if those stories were known and became part of our DNA instead, the choke-hold of patriarchy would loosen and eventually disappear. Women would feel stronger, empowered, seen, and heard – by the stories of women who, quite frankly, have been barely seen and rarely heard, but who are stronger and more empowered than we’ve ever known or imagined.

“Women could gain just as much wisdom and insight from these stories as any Tarot deck or Astrological reading, right?” We laughed knowingly and took another couple sips of wine.

I couldn’t have imagined how that seed would bloom and grow into an offering I’ve now made available for more than 10 years and 1000’s of women around the world.

And the cards themselves? Once on nothing but Index Cards, they are now printed and lovely. Watch for the announcement: I’m making them available in 2021!

What if I don't like the story I get?

I have a couple thoughts about this:

1) Often times (if not all the time), it is where we feel the greatest resistance, that the greatest truth resides.

2) If you really aren’t happy – or are horribly confused by who has shown up on your behalf, definitely email me and let me know. We’ll figure out next steps together.

In all the years I’ve offered READINGS, I’ve only had this happen once. It really is somewhat miraculous (and not) how perfect each one of these is. I have an idea as to why that is, but that’s another topic for another time…

Do you offer a "bulk" discount?


If you are interested in purchasing READINGS for your clients, your Mastermind group, a close circle of friends, or extras just for you, I definitely want to make that possible!

When you purchase 3 or more, the price goes down. Just email me and we’ll talk: 

Do I need to have some particular system of beliefs to relate to these stories?

Definitely not!

This is a HUGE aspect of what I’m seeking to heal: stories of women (perhaps including yours) that have been bound up in religion and the doctrine and dogma that too-often go along with it).

You may have known these stories in a past life, long ago, and walked away from them – and everything they represent. Wow, do I get that! Your READING creates a way for you to cherish the story and the woman within, without having to acede to all that you’ve worked to distance yourself from.

You may have never heard these stories. Believe me: they’re worth hearing, knowing, and loving. There’s nothing in your READING that connects them to a system of belief – other than your belief in your own wisdom, courage, and strength!

You may love these stories exactly because of your system of beliefs. This works, too. I’m telling them in a way you’ve probably not heard or considered before – with no apologies. And my belief is that these tellings have the capacity to strengthen your commitment and faith – especially to yourself.