There’s so much to talk about; so much that matters.

We could talk about the gap – that space that exists between our truest, most authentic-and-empowered self (who we KNOW exists) and the person we all-too-often settle into being. It’s a struggle. It’s wearisome. It aches, yes?

We could talk about our experiences of feeling restrained – by social and familial conditioning, by others’ perceptions and expectations, by religion and/or culture, by our own tendency toward compromise and compliance, and by the inevitable risks that go along with being true to ourselves.

We could talk about what it means to heal – spiritually; to reconcile the religion or faith we may have once had with the life we now live; to consider spirituality and the divine all over again on our own terms.

We could talk about all that we are capable of; even better, all that you are capable of when you show up, without apology, in all your wisdom, courage, and full-on brilliance and beauty, all your sovereignty. 

We could talk about the stories we’ve been told and the stories we tell ourselves – too many of which keep us small, silenced, and hooked by shame. [Just so you know: there is a whole legion of stories that are anything but this; stories (and women) you deserve to know and be companioned by, whose wisdom is yours for the asking. I do talk about them – all the time (and on and on and on) as part of nearly every conversation I have!]

You would definitely hear me talk about my deep and endless hope on your behalf:  walking through your world in complete possession (and expression) of who you know yourself to be. Whole. Holy, even. Sacred, to be sure. All that and then some.

That would be some conversation.

These  – and then some – are the Sacred Conversations I most love…
and most long to have with you.

Our Sacred Conversations together include:

  • Two 60-minute sessions/month.
  • Specific takeaways, practices, and applications that invite you more deeply into not only your potential, but the story you desire and deserve to live.
  • Spot-conversations for emergencies and epiphanies. (We’ll hop on the phone for 15-20 minutes to chat.)
  • Email access at all times with my promise of a prompt response.
  • Minimum commitment of 6 months with the option to extend, month-to-month, indefinitely.
  • We’ll explore those stories you’ve been told and the ones you (continue to) tell yourself so that all of them can be reimagined and redeemed.
  • We’ll take a deep dive into places that need a closer look, more compassion, lots of advocacy, and specific, practical support.
  • Ancient, sacred stories as reference and resource; perfect-for-you wisdom, blessing, and companionship.
  • And we’ll remember that all of this is sacred work. Not sacred like “religious;” sacred like cherished, divine, and revered – all of which is already true about you.

The Investment:


I’m aware that this is lower than some coaches, mentors, spiritual directors, even therapists charge. I’m OK with that. It’s an on-purpose decision that allows me to align what sacred looks like and means for me with my endless desire that you discover, trust, and nurture the sacred that dwells within you.

To get started, ask any questions you might have, and get a feel for what it’s like to talk with me (and hear me talk),  definitely schedule a complimentary 30-minute call. No pressure at all. Nothing I’m “selling.” Just a chance to have sacred conversation – you and me.

Perhaps you already know this is right for you, that I am. I trust you (and you can, as well). Click the button below to pay for the first month. I’ll soon-thereafter be in touch to schedule our first-of-many sacred conversations together. I can hardly wait!

If Helpful:

I am a certified Spiritual Director. My Masters Degree (an M.Div.) included training in therapeutic modalities. And I’ve coached countless individuals in both corporate and sacred contexts (well, all of it iss sacred, but you know what I mean). I also have been in Spiritual Direction myself, in therapy, and work with multiple coaches – all in service of my own ongoing growth and transformation.

All to say, I understand how to listen to what is said and unsaid, how to offer my own wisdom and perspective, and how to be in conversation with you. I’d be honored and delighted to do exactly this. Sacred ground, definitely.

You can learn even more about me, my background, and then some by clicking here.

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