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Publication date is 10.3.23 by She Writes Press:

From the flyleaf:
It started with Eve—countless tellings that perpetuated shame instead of celebrating a woman’s desire, wisdom, and choice. In Rewriting Eve, Ronna Detrick boldly reimagines, redeems, even rewrites Eve’s story and nine more—removing doctrine and dogma, inviting us to hear their powerful voices, and calling women of today to claim the sacred lineage that has always been ours.

The online description:
We wouldn’t consider letting Isis, Medusa, Pandora, or Persephone slip from our lexicon. To somehow forget the legend of Harriet Tubman, Anne Frank, or Mother Teresa would never cross our minds. And yet when it comes to the stories of Eve and other biblical characters, they are rarely known, barely appreciated, and ostensibly “lost” by most of us not deeply entwined within organized religion. Trapped in patriarchy and theological argument, dismissed as irrelevant, or viewed as unchangeable even as times change, these women’s voices, desires, and hearts have too often been silenced through misunderstanding and neglect. As result, we are as well. But when they are reimagined, deconstructed, disentangled from doctrine and dogma, and heard on their own terms, these stories become powerful inspiration and a source of discernment that reconnects us to a feminine lineage and a sovereign sense of self we’ve never known to call on or trust. In Rewriting Eve: Claiming Women’s Sacred Stories As Our Own, Ronna Detrick invites us into the presence and power of ten sacred women, revealing the endlessly relevant ways in which they speak today and showing how they can heal, embolden, and transform our stories.

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