The wisdom you desire & deserve
is available…and infinite.

You are here to live your life in most awake, aware, and authentic ways you possibly can. And you will NOT be convinced otherwise! 

Far too often we go it alone – pushing forward, leaning in, powering on.

Because we can! We have that much capacity, that much competence, that much sheer endurance and will!

Still, I believe you deserve advocacy and support, deep-and-timeless wisdom, and generous doses of grace – all perfectly designed to come alongside you as you 


But we aren’t alone! YOU aren’t alone.

There is a legion of ancient, sacred, and profoundly wise women who have been just waiting to come alongside you, just waiting to speak into your life and on your behalf. 

That is what your Reading provides: the woman, story, and deep, deep wisdom that will give you every bit of the perspective, courage, hope, and yes – wisdom, you need to live the life you desire and deserve. Awake. Aware. Authentic. And accompanied…

Why I offer them

First, because I believe that these women’s stories deserve to be heard, known, and listened to – not as they’ve been told throughout time, but in reimagined and redeemed ways – powerful, inspiring, bold.

Second, because we are in desperate need of stories that strengthen our own. Stories of women who have not stayed quiet or in line; who have trusted their hearts, their thinking, and most definitely, their desire. Stories of women who were rebels and disruptors – who did not let anything or anyone stand in their way.

Third, because we need to believe that we have agency in our own stories – that we can infuse them with influence, impact, and integrity. Our stories can change and when they do, we have the capacity to change the world.

And fourth, because every bit of this applies to you, is available to you, is waiting for you. I can hardly wait for you to experience, know, and believe all of this for yourself! 

How they work

Like Tarot or an Astrological reading, but with the wisdom of ancient women’s stories – full of relevance, power, and inspiration. A sacred source of insight and perspective that you need to navigate life’s journey and your unique story.

These Readings come alongside you in transitions, when making significant decisions, at a birthday (yours or as gift), the start of a new year, even the beginning of a new week.

Once you’ve purchased your Reading, I hold your heart, hopes, and desires in my heart and draw a card from the deck I’ve created. I’m confident that it/she will be perfect for you. It always is.

(I’ve experienced this countless times myself and have heard countless stories from women who have received Readings from me over the years. They are, quite simply, both magical and miraculous.)


Within 48 hours, you will receive a beautiful document, 12-16 pages in length, that tells you of the woman who has chosen you: her story – the old, often painful telling and the new, emboldened one. You’ll feel as though she’s speaking just to you…because she is.

There is powerful, relevant wisdom available to you and perfect for you. Included, are meaningful, practical ways to incorporate her wisdom into your day-to-day life: journaling prompts, next steps, rituals and rhythms to revel in.

I believe in these stories, the women within them, and the deep and timeless wisdom they have to offer. 

And I believe in the wisdom you deserve to lean on, the insights and perspective that offer you strength, any and all  encouragement of your desire, and the answers, focus, and guidance that will transform your story.

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This IS my super-power and deepest love:
beautiful, poignant conversations.
Listening close, going deep, and offering
you every bit(e) of the encouragement, hope,
and wisdom you desire and deserve.

How they began

Years ago, I sat at my kitchen table with four other women.

We talked about the ancient, sacred stories I reminagined and retold. All of us knew them in their “original form.” We’d learned them (and the dogma that accompanied) in our childhood. Each of us, in our own ways, had taken on the embedded “truths” within: be quiet; stay in line; do not trust your heart, your thinking, your desire. And definitely don’t upset the apple cart.

Somehow, it didn’t matter that we’d walked away, rejected (or held more objectively) the text from which they came, even chosen different beliefs. Those lessons-learned felt like they were part of our DNA: impossible to shake, no matter how hard we tried.

I remember flippantly saying that I ought to create a card deck of the stories – told in radically different ways: full of feminine wisdom, strength, and power. Maybe if those stories were known and became part of our DNA instead, the choke-hold of patriarchy would loosen and eventually disappear. Women would feel stronger, empowered, seen, and heard – by the stories of women who, quite frankly, have been barely seen and rarely heard, but who are stronger and more empowered than we’ve ever known or imagined.

“Women could gain just as much wisdom and insight from these stories as any Tarot deck or Astrological reading, right?” We laughed knowingly and took another couple sips of wine.

I couldn’t have imagined how that seed would bloom and grow into an offering I’ve now made available for more than 10 years and 1000’s of women around the world. 


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