Women’s stories that transform yours –
perfectly, and with every bit
of the wisdom and guidance
you desire and deserve.

Where they come from

Years ago, I sat at my kitchen table with four other women.

We talked about the ancient, sacred stories I reminagined and retold. All of us knew them in their “original form.” We’d learned them (and the dogma that accompanied) in our childhood. Each of us, in our own ways, had taken on the embedded “truths” within: be quiet; stay in line; do not trust your heart, your thinking, your desire. And definitely don’t upset the apple cart.

Somehow, it didn’t matter that we’d walked away, rejected (or held more objectively) the text from which they came, even chosen different beliefs. Those lessons-learned felt like they were part of our DNA: impossible to shake, no matter how hard we tried.

I remember flippantly saying that I ought to create a card deck of the stories – told in radically different ways: full of feminine wisdom, strength, and power. Maybe if those stories were known and became part of our DNA instead, the choke-hold of patriarchy would loosen and eventually disappear. Women would feel stronger, empowered, seen, and heard – by the stories of women who, quite frankly, have been barely seen and rarely heard, but who are stronger and more empowered than we’ve ever known or imagined.

“Women could gain just as much wisdom and insight from these stories as any Tarot deck or Astrological reading, right?” We laughed knowingly and took another couple sips of wine.

I couldn’t have imagined how that seed would bloom and grow into an offering I’ve now made available for more than 10 years and 1000’s of women around the world. 

Why I offer them

First and foremost, because these women’s stories deserve to be heard, known, and listened to – not as they’ve been told throughout time, but in reimagined and redeemed ways – powerful, inspiring, bold.

Second, because we are in desperate need of stories of women who have not stayed quiet or in line; who have trusted their hearts, their thinking, and most definitely, their desire. We need stories of rebels and disruptors – women who will not let anything or anyone stand in their way.

And third, because we need to believe that OUR stories, when infused with this kind of influence, have the capacity to change the world…because they do – because you do.

How they work

One way to think of them is like a Tarot or Astrological reading; exactly as I had imagined at my kitchen table so many years ago…

Another way to consider them is as a source of wisdom – the insight and perspective you need along the way. In a transition, for a significant decision, at a birthday (yours or as gift), the start of a new year, even the beginning of a new week. 

Once you’ve purchased your Reading, I hold your heart, hopes, and desires in my heart and draw a card on your behalf – confident that it/she will be perfect for you. Because it always is.

(I’ve experienced it countless times myself and have heard countless stories from women who have received Readings from me over the years. My every doubt is endlessly defied.)


Within 48 hours you’ll receive a PDF that holds upwards of 4000 words (12-16 pages) about the woman who has chosen you and her story – both the old, often painful telling and the new, emboldened one. You’ll feel as though she’s speaking just to you…because she is. So much powerful, relevant wisdom that’s perfect for you, your current reality, and all that you long to know and understand. Along with meaningful, practical ways to incorporate her wisdom into your day-to-day life: journaling prompts, next steps, rituals and rhythms to revel in.

I believe in these stories, the women within them, and the deep and timeless wisdom they have to offer. And I believe in you – the wisdom you deserve to lean on, the hunger you deserve to quell, the desires you deserve to fan into flame, the answers and focus and guidance that IS yours.

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This IS my super-power and deepest love:
beautiful, poignant conversations.
Listening close, going deep, and offering
you every bit(e) of the encouragement, hope,
and wisdom you desire and deserve.


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