We are hungry for women's wisdom.

The predominant stories throughout time have been about heroes,
not heroines.

The major tomes and sacred texts have been about men, rarely the rest of us. And the culture in which we live has been influenced almost exclusively by those who have held the power (again, men), not us. 

This is not to say that men do not have wisdom to offer. Quite the opposite is (sometimes) true. But as women, we long for our own stories, our own tomes and sacred texts, and the ability to influence in powerful ways…in our own ways.
Did I mention? We are hungry for women’s wisdom. Past, present, and future. Others’. Our own. And then some. More, please!

Where do you turn
for the wisdom
you need, desire,
and deserve?

Astrological readings? Tarot?
Oprah’s Book Club?

Me too!

And of course, friends, mentors,
coaches, elders, wise ones
who have gone before,
forged the path, and left us
morsels to follow along the way.

Even with all this, we want more.
Still, we hunger.

Why does Women’s Wisdom matter?

What difference does it make when we have it?

The list is long:

  • We realize that we are not alone – and never have been.
  • We are reminded that we stand on the shoulders of an infinite lineage of strong, brilliant women.
  • We walk through our days able to trust our own knowing and draw from all that is available to us in others’.
  • We make hard decisions vs. avoiding them, fearing them, or compromising along the way.
  • We are willing to take risks, be dangerous, and stand firm in our belief that we are more than enough and never too much.
  • We show up, speak up, and stand up for ourselves, on behalf of others, in relationships, in meetings, with the powers-that-be, always.
  • We more quickly recognize places of oppression, injustice, harm, inequity, imbalance; we advocate for their abolition and actively enable and participate in needed change and healing.
  • We bring clarity, intention, and drive to work, our vocation, our passions.
  • We experience relationships (at home and at work) that are clearer, cleaner, richer, healthier.
  • We listen less and less to the inner critic, more and more to that knowing and powerful voice within.
  • We model – to our daughters and sons, families, friends, colleagues, organizations, and our world – what it looks like, sounds like, and means to be a woman of integrity and strength.
  • We trust, honor, and celebrate that we are wise.
  • And did I mention? We realize that we are not alone – and never have been.

Women’s Wisdom makes all the difference.

It changes everything. We change everything. 

Over the past 2 decades I have been curating Women's Wisdom...


…stories of heroines from tomes and sacred texts
that have rarely, if ever been heard.

In unearthing  and remembering them, I’ve reimagined every one.
Now empowered, emboldened, and empassioned;
always through an unapologetic feminist lens.

I have no interest in their stories the way they’ve previously been told. I want them unleashed and unlocked from centuries of patriarchy – let loose on our behalf.

So that’s what I’ve done. First and foremost for myself…

  • More than 13 years ago, when pondering whether or not to end my marriage, it was one of these ancient heroines who walked alongside me. I felt her presence as closely as any friend or confidante. I trusted her story and her experience – all that she’d gone through, all that she’d suffered, all that she overcame. And it made all the difference. Perhaps it sounds extreme, but I believe that I couldn’t/wouldn’t have had the courage to make the choice I did had it not been for her voice and wisdom. 
  • When leaving my corporate, Senior VP position, just months ago, I turned to the women’s stories I love. No surprise: the perfect companion showed up with the exact words I needed. Again, her voice and wisdom are what emboldened me to make a hard decision and simultaneously affirmed every bit of the risk and even my fear. Would I have still left without her presence? Perhaps. But knowing that I was not alone in such made all the difference. It still does. 

These are but two scenes, bookends almost, in my life. I’ve relied on these women, their stories, their wise counsel, and their kindness, again and again. And I’ve never been disappointed nor left feeling alone, adrift, or without the guidance and support I’ve needed in the hardest of times and on a day-to-day basis. 

I believe that Women’s Wisdom abounds,
that the women of stories long-forgotten
(and most-often misunderstood or maligned)
are just waiting – in breathless anticipation –
for us to discover all that they long to impart,
the encouragement and hope they long to provide,
the wisdom we desire and deserve.

This source of
Women’s Wisdom is not
exclusive to me.

I’m making every bit(e)
of it available to you.

I want you to have it!

Over the past nearly 20 years I have reimagined and retold the stories of 52 amazing women – each of whom know of what they speak and offer the wisdom you hunger for. Some you have heard of (though probably not as I tell them); others will be complete strangers to you.

  • Every one of them know the struggles you face – because they have faced them too.
  • They know what it means to live in a world that is not “for” them.
  • They know the cost, even demand of compromise, the risk of relationship, and both the challenge and celebration of being a woman.

Because of this, they speak profoundly on your behalf. Perfectly. Mysteriously. Powerfully. Endlessly. 

In my experience, the more Women’s Wisdom I discover and consume, the hungrier I get. So, I remain devoted to finding it, making it relevant and accessible, and offering it to you, again and again, in as many ways as I can.

Eat up. Drink deep.

My Writing/Blog

I tell stories of heroines, past and present, and reflect on what it means to nurture and trust our own wisdom as women.

Weekly Blessings

Every Sunday morning, an email from me (and one of the countless women’s stories with which I work) that offers you a powerful and personal message. It carries with it every bit of the wisdom and encouragement you deserve for the week ahead.

Get a personalized Reading

I’ve created my own deck of 52 cards – filled with profound wisdom from the stories and voices of the women
I reimagine and redeem.

Think of it like Tarot, but filled exclusively with Women’s Wisdom. (Isn’t that what you’re hungry for?)
A dash of magic and mystery, feminism and destiny. Powerful insight, guidance, and encouragement – every single time.
I promise.

Yes. Eat up. Drink deep.

There’s more Women’s Wisdom
– available and accessible –
than you’ve ever dared hope.

When found, experienced,
listened to, and believed in?
It feeds your very soul.
It makes all the difference.
And it changes everything.

I promise.

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