My work in the world is to acknowledge, honor,
and fan-into-flame the endless and breathtaking wisdom
within the ancient, sacred stories of women
(and within you).

Scroll through this page and find what best serves and supports you.

It’s true: every week I sit down and write you a letter. It’s filled with my thoughts, my heart, the stories I love…and  my story. Along with what I’m reading, watching, listening to, even embroidering or knitting or baking! It’s free – from me to you. I just need to know where to send it (via email)!

Mmmmm. All the stories. All the wisdom. And so much more.

THE SACRED MUSE: I’ve gathered 52 stories of ancient, sacred women together into an Intuitive Wisdom Card Deck. It’s like hearing them speak directly on your behalf – because, of course, they do!

I draw a card from the deck I’ve created.

The woman, her story, and her unique wisdom will be perfect for you. It’s a lot to promise, but every. single. time. that has been the case – for me and for the 1000s of women to whom I’ve provided Sacred Readings over the years.

Your Sacred Reading is perfect…for you. She is.

This is my greatest love and most significant privilege: being in conversation with you. It is, indeed, sacred.

The more time I spend in the stories I love, the more aware I am of the power and wisdom inhernet in our stories…in yours. And just as the ancient, sacred ones deserve to be reimagined and redeemed, yours does, as well. Let’s do that together.

SOVEREIGNTY: I’m horribly biased, but this content is powerful and rich and transformative. I love teaching it! Its intention? My intention? To help you be 100% yourself 100% of the time. ($450)

This 9-week, group program is for you if:

  • You see a picture in your mind’s eye where you are strong, courageous, and wise. Getting there and staying there? That’s the challenge (and the invitation).
  • You are a woman who knows she has more to offer, say, do, and be and you want all of this and then some more than anything.
  • Sovereignty sounds just out of reach, but oh-so-delicious. (Eve would say: Go ahead and reach – grab – taste! Follow that desire. It is even better than you’ve imagined.)

You are cordially (and enthusiastically) invited to join my private Facebook Group. Ongoing conversation, consistent encouragement, storytelling, and an amazing community of women.