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SACRED readings

I’ll draw a card: one ancient, sacred woman + her vast and relevant wisdom. Perfect insight for your life right now. Ideal for the New Year, a Birthday, a significant turning point or pending decision; because you long (and deserve) to hear another woman speak truth on your behalf.

(Free) GRACE notes

There are countless ancient, sacred stories of women that still speak, long to speak – to and for you. It is my deepest joy to provide that wisdom on your behalf. A short-and-sweet email that lands in your inbox first thing Sunday morning. The blessing you deserve. And my gift to you!

SACRED conversation

Whether you call it coaching, spiritual direction, or some hybrid of mentoring and advocacy, there is little I love more than deep, rich, and yes, sacred conversations with women. It is holy ground: your story, safe space, my mentoring and advocacy on your behalf. It’s time – you and me. Together.


I know! Finally!

The Sacred Muse Intuitive Wisdom Deck is here! I can hardly believe it myself! And I can’t wait for you to have it for yourself! 52 cards FULL of the relevant and sacred and powerful wisdom of 52 women. So much to experience and enjoy! Learn more!


A 9-week online program.

Hear and trust your wisdom. Step into your strength. Bridge the gap between what you know is true about you, and how you too often experience yourself – at work, creatively, in relationships, everything. Oh, and change your world, our world, along the way.


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