My Book!

To say that I am excited and honored to finally be moving my writing, my thinking, my heart into solid and available form would be a complete understatement.

She Writes Press, a mission-driven, female-run company with a strong vision, passion, and work ethic – and that only publishes for women – has taken me under their wing. I’m thrilled to be working with an organization that advocates specifically for women and it feels only appropriate, given my subject matter! 

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Publication is scheduled for Fall of 2023.

from the Forward . . . 

When I think about the stories and books that have meant the most to me, they are those that somehow, mysteriously or magically, enable me to find myself between their lines. I feel heard: my thoughts articulated more clearly than I could formulate for myself. I feel seen: my life viewed with honesty, perspective, and grace. And somehow, when heard and seen, I feel less alone – companioned, accompanied, advocated for. All of this, when combined, calls me forth into who I can yet become. I leave the pages with more courage, more wisdom, more hope. 

You can picture that hope, hopefully, in the following scene: The two of us sit across from each other in my living room or yours, a cabin in the woods, a hotel room in the middle of the city, anyplace you wish to imagine. We talk, uninterrupted, into the late hours of the night, a glass of wine or cup of tea in hand; again in the morning over steaming mugs of coffee. Our conversation is both fast and slow, overlapping, witty, deep, winding, and endless. Our silences are precious, allowed, and understood. We sense some alchemical elixir of intimacy, safety, energy, and emotion – all of it, all of us, allowed; nothing held back. We know that what we’re experiencing together is rare and real; somehow, without being named, it’s what we’ve longed for more than all else. Hope realized, breathed, and embodied in one another. We are truly seen, deeply heard, and acknowledged/honored. Yes, now we know: this is what we most desire and most deserve as women. 

Perhaps you have a plethora of such experiences. I am grateful to say that I have a few, to be sure; but never enough. Sadly, being heard and seen as a woman and in such a way, is the exception vs. the norm. This has been true in my story, undoubtedly in yours, and certainly in those I tell on the pages that follow. But maybe, just maybe, in reimagining and retelling their stories, along with bits and pieces of my own, you will see and hear your own – in all its beauty and detail and struggle and worthiness. Maybe you will feel seen and heard within – as though we were together, face-to-face, for hours on end. And maybe, just maybe, within all of this, you will feel stronger, bolder, encouraged, hopeful, and far less alone. This is, to be sure, my endless prayer. 

Toni Morrison famously said, “If there’s a book you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” 

And Rachel Held Evans said, “I am writing because sometimes we are closer to the truth in our vulnerability than in our safe certainties.” 

This book is both of these things: the one I most want to read and an expression of my hunger to tell the truth in vulnerable, tender, and fierce ways. If it is also a book that you want to read and offers you a window into your own vulnerable, tender, and fierce truth, then I will have far surpassed my every goal, my every hope, my every desire.

So, as we begin, this invocation on behalf of you, me, the women whose stories I tell, and all women throughout all of time – past, present, and future: 

May we be seen.
May we be heard.
May we be honored.
May we be reminded that we are never alone.

And may we rise into the story that is ours to tell and live – one that is beautiful and bold, vulnerable and fierce, tender and true. 

May it be so.