You’re here because you know there’s “something more” to this life.

You see it in glimpses and glimmers; it’s constant and inspiring and encouraging,  powerful, even. And sometimes it’s almost close enough to taste.

True: some days things feel close. The disparate aspects of your life come together. You can see the big picture. And it’s really good.

But more days, that’s just not the case.

And so you strive (yet again) to capture and sustain a sense of integration and wholeness and rest – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

You’re hungry for the “something more” and . . . you’re weary. Understandably!

It can be exhausting to live in-between what you know and what you want, in-between what is and what could be.

Believe me: I have my own stories…

…of searching, striving, and wanting not just “something more,” but so much more – and, simultaneously, feeling so tired, so worn out, so disillusioned.

Thankfully, I also have many stories, many experiences, much trial and error, (lots of books read), and decades of life lived that have, over time, provided me both respite and restoration.

In all of them, conversations with women have made all the difference:

  • The kind where time falls away, you feel completely yourself, and you could talk for hours; you do talk for hours.
  • The kind where you know that no matter what you say, what you disclose, what you reveal, you will be accepted, allowed, and loved.
  • The kind where you feel completely alive.
  • The kind that is hard to describe, but you know it when you’re in it.
  • The kind that somehow – whether magically or alchemically or spiritually – shifts something in and for you. It changes you.
  • The kind you can’t get enough of.

These are the kind of conversations I have with you. 

They are sacred conversations.

I would love to have a (sacred) conversation with you.

That’s why I make them available – all the time, no matter what.

This is not a “discovery session” to talk about working together. There is no obligation or pitch or pressure. I promise! It’s a full hour for us to talk – about where you’re struggling, what you hope, where you long for focus or clarity; about anything that would support and strengthen your heart; about what matters most – to you.

If, and only if, by the end of our time together we both feel clear about moving forward, we’ll schedule a separate conversation to discuss those details.

My sole desire and intention is to support you in any and every way I can.

Our coaching (and sacred) conversations are about what you most need, desire, and deserve.

And in each and every one, my sacred work is holding onto the “something more” you’re hungry for; what is yours to not only taste, but trust.

There’s so much to talk about…

Those endless and incessant voices in your head that hold you back, keep you small, silence and subvert.

The “something more” I hold on your behalf? Though the voices whisper (and sometimes shout), you stand firm in relationships, stay in your seat and write, bravely express your heart, give your opinions, step up and lead, and be who you most truly are.

Your awareness of (and frustration with) old patterns that continue to haunt.

The “something more” I hold on your behalf? Increasingly, you will be willing and able to peer under the surface and name what’s true. Gradually, you will make different choices, strong ones, sovereign ones. You will experience agency and strength.

The painful gap between what you know-that-you-know-that-you-know and what you actually do, how you show up, who you “be.”

The “something more” I hold on your behalf? Wisely weighing the cost of what you’re bearing now and honestly naming the inevitable risks and costs of change will enable you to envision and then attain what you most desire, most need, most deserve. 

All that you long for but struggle to believe can ever be yours; the way internal and external demands press, limit, and overwhelm.

The “something more” I hold on your behalf? A powerful awareness of your beliefs – those you’ve inherited, absorbed, and that have unwittingly persisted. Intentionally choosing the beliefs that serve you will allow you to discern and pursue your values and craft a life you love.

The hunger for that “something more.”

The “even more” I hold on your behalf? Naming what is missing, what is wanted, and what life would look and feel like if the “more” were not only identified, but encouraged, fanned into flame, front-and-center. You – holding fast to that vision and in alignment with not only its possibility, but it’s presence. Always.

Did I mention that there’s so much to talk about?

In looking back over what I’ve heard from my clients through the years, other topics have surfaced: longing to not have to try so hard to be themselves, the fear of leaving others behind or not belonging, how to stop being concerned about others perceptions, speaking the truth – and so much more. There is, indeed, so much to talk about.

Just like all powerful conversations, the real impact shows up in the real world, in your real world.

You will leave each of our conversations with specific, practical, and meaningful ways to step into and toward exactly what we’ve talked about together.

And…you have my ongoing support in the in-between. I’m always just an email or text away to help you stay on track, support you in the challenges (and inevitable setbacks), and celebrate the smallest to most monumental of shifts.

In other words, our conversation isn’t limited to our calls alone. It’s ongoing and generative – as the best conversations always are.

What you can expect:

The Details

  • Two, 60-minute calls/month.
  • Ongoing email and text access.
  • Deep, rich, provocative, full of truth time together + generous, compassionate, and consistent support.
  • My commitment and capacity to listen, both to what is said and unsaid.
  • A comprehensive email after each call that articulates themes, my reflections, and detailed / practical next-steps.
  • Specific practices, “homework,” writing/journaling prompts, contemplative exercises, and relevant ways to step more fully into your life .

The Investment

  • A minimum 3-month commitment;  once that’s completed, we can stay in conversation as long as you like or you can cancel any time. 
  • If you reside in Canada or Australia: CA$ 500/month
  • If you reside in Europe, the UK, or the US: US$ 500/month

Pricing can be tricky. Industry standards. Income goals. Premium status. The belief that higher prices must mean higher value (and vice versa). Though there’s much to be considered, my decision has been to set a price point that both honors my work and does not delimit access. I’m hopeful that’s the case. Don’t hesitate to email me with questions or thoughts.

If, after making it clear to the bottom of this page you feel like conversation about the sacred, your spirituality, beliefs and practices, and then some is more of what you want and need, please head to my Spiritual Direction page and see if that’s a better fit.

Time and time again, I come back to working with Ronna, particularly when I am in transitions that leave me wondering who I am and who I will be in the next chapter of life. She sees me clearly and holds the space that I need to come back to center and see myself with fresh eyes and renewed hope. If you seek an honest guide as you navigate the challenges of life, I highly recommend you work with her.

Nona Jordan, A Coach for Coaches, Leaders, and Healing Professionals