My love for story and writing is what compels my commitment to your story and your writing.

I work with women writing nonfiction and memoir to provide accountability, support, truth-telling, marketplace intelligence, project management, and so much more. Your words deserve to be seen, your voice heard, and your heart known.

“Every word a woman writes changes the story of the world . . . “

~ Carolyn See

I’ve been writing for a very long time: blogging for nearly twenty years, published in numerous periodicals, and (drum roll, please) my book will be released in October, 2023.

My writing is not the point, though. Yours is.

Yes, there are numerous skills that overlap (along with infinite empathy and understanding), but my ability to serve you does not hinge on having  “writer” in my signature block.

I have been trained as a book coach through Author Accelerator—a company that leads the industry in providing writers the support they need to move their books out of their heads and onto the page.

My role (and privilege) is to provide what you need to believe in yourself, believe in your writing, and get it into the world where it belongs.

I am a fierce advocate for your project, but most of all, for you. I am a midwife, a doula, and a cheerleader. I listen, guide, nurture, and inspire. I show up (and make sure you do). I offer a voice of encouragement, if not sanity, when the voices in your head get the better of you. And I stand alongside you in the often-miry world of publishing so you can enter in feeling prepared, grounded, and confident in what is yours to offer, yours to say.

“…writers are, and have always been, among the most powerful people in the world.” 

~ Lisa Cron

Ready to get started? Me too!

Complete an intake form. There’s no obligation or pressure, I promise. It gives me a glimpse (and perhaps you, as well) into what you’re writing and why, where you feel resistance, what you hope for, where you’d love to land, and where you are in the process thus far. Once you’ve completed the form, we’ll schedule a call to talk it through. I’ll give you my heartfelt recommendations and strategic next-steps, whether we work together or not!

There are three ways to work with me as a book and writing coach:

(In addition to book coaching, I provide Spiritual Direction/Coaching. Learn more.)

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Concept to Reality

A One-Month Program

$500 (US, Europe, UK)
$400 (US$ in Canada, Australia, New Zealand)

Whether a nearly completed manuscript, a document on your computer you add to now and then, years of journal entries, or *simply* a wish-and-a-prayer, you are committed. You want your work in the world in published form (whether traditional or hybrid) and you need support and direction to make that happen.

This package helps you define every element of your book, picture it on the shelf, and feel confident in your message and your voice. It makes all the difference: knowing where you’re going, why, and how. 

The Concept to Reality Package provides a robust and insightful process that provides both the clarity and strategy you need to make your book a reality.

Through a proprietary Blueprint, you will craft the following:

  • why you are the one to write the book
  • what the book is about and why it matters
  • who your ideal reader is
  • how to reach readers/marketing
  • a draft table of contents
  • overall structure + chapter structure
  • competitive titles
  • two draft chapters

This package includes:

  • the Blueprint itself; an invaluable tool now, it also serves as the framework and basis for a formal book proposal in the future;
  • two rounds of comprehensive, in-line comments and recommendations; full feedback sent to you 24 hours prior to our call;
  • two coaching calls: 1) we walk through the completed Blueprint and discern needed areas of focus and revision; 2) after revisions we determine practical and strategic next steps; and
  • all of this completed in one month so that you can keep moving forward!

If you need additional time or want more support than one-month provides, you will have access to ongoing Manuscript/Writing Support. (See below.)

Next step: No money just yet. Click the button below, complete the form, and then we’ll talk. No obligation.

Proposal to Pitch

A 4-6 Month Program

$500/month (US, Europe, UK)
$400/month (US$ in Canada, Australia, New Zealand)

In the non-fiction and memoir genres, and whether traditional or hybrid publishing, your formal proposal goes to an agent and/or publisher before your manuscript is completed.

The book proposal is a comprehensive (and exhaustive) document that makes the case for why your book deserves to be in the marketplace. It can be incredibly overwhelming and empowering. It requires tenacity and determination. You’re ready to create and complete this integral aspect of birthing your book. 

The Proposal to Pitch Package develops a complete book proposal that is ready to send to agents, along with sample chapters that effectively demonstrate what you are promising. It creates the business case for your book.

It must demonstrate your expertise, highlight your unique voice and one-of-a-kind approach to the material, show that you understand the marketplace, and give you the confidence to shop your book proposal to the best agents in the business.

Finally, we will create and deploy a strategic plan for pitching that increases your chance for success while minimizing stress and overwhelm.

This package includes:

  • the Blueprint process (articulated above) as a framework plus comprehensive guidelines for the proposal itself;
  • two submissions/month with full feedback and notes;
  • two coaching calls/month;
  • copy-editing and proofing of final version;
  • customized list of agents open to queries and who represent the kind of book you are writing;
  • preparation of pitch materials to include an excellent query letter; and
  • the development of a pitch strategy that works best for you and your situation.

Next step: Click the button below, complete the form, and then we’ll talk. No obligation.

A NOTE: There is no guarantee that your proposal will get an offer of representation. Sadly, no such thing exists in publishing. What I can guarantee is that you will put forward a proposal that powerfully and eloquently reflects your idea, your skill, and your heart. 

If more than 6 months are needed, you can extend your monthly payments or transition into ongoing Manuscript/Writing Support. (See below.)

Manuscript / Writing Support

A Month-to-Month Offering

$500/month (US, Europe, UK)
$400/month (US$ in Canada, Australia, New Zealand)

Your proposal has been accepted (or you’ve decided to self-publish) and now the writing begins/continues!
You want to get further down the road with the writing itself before heading into the proposal and pitch process.
You want to write, love to write (with some understandable exceptions) and desire both accountability and a witnessing of your words, your voice, and your heart.

This monthly retainer provides you the support, accountability, and writing-excellence you need and deserve. 

Manuscript/Writing Support is a customized option based on your writing needs and hopes:

  • A container in which your writing is seen and honored; conversation that strengthens the process for you.
  • A sacred witness.
  • Ongoing and generous back-and-forth by which you receive both meaningful feedback on your writing, your ideas, your thoughts.
  • If manuscript-based: in-line editing, thematic development, and overarching content / structure.  

If you are not working on a manuscript, but desire ongoing writing support, you have the option of foregoing calls and instead, receiving my feedback and perspective in written form. Complete the form below so we can discuss hybrid pricing at a lower rate.

This monthly rate can be used as add-on to either of the packages above if additional time is needed. It includes two submissions/month plus two coaching calls/month.

Next step: Complete this form to send me a quick email. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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writ·er/ˈrīdər/noun: A magical being who makes others feel understood, even when they themselves feel misunderstood.” 

~ Mary Weber

It is a monumental and brave thing to write. I pray you’ll continue, persevere, and celebrate just how amazing you are to put your words on a page and your heart on the line. 

It is my deepest honor and privilege to support you.