I grew up in the church, steeped in stories, doctrine, and dogma that became part of me. None were to be questioned; certainly not walked away from. I’ve done both.

I walked away from my marriage (to the pastor), the church, and the beliefs I’d held sacred. I questioned every bit of the doctrine and dogma that had become like DNA.

But I took the stories with me; the stories of women. I could not leave them behind. Maybe more true is that they wouldn’t let me leave without them.

And they’ve changed me, transformed me, really. (Which, of course, is an ongoing job.) 

So, for nearly 20 years, I have reimagined, retold, and redeemed the ancient, archetypal, and sacred stories of women – making them the protagonist, giving them voice, and curating their infinite wisdom. And along the way, they have enabled the same in me. In many ways, it has been their wisdom, their strength, and their sovereignty that has invited and enabled my own. It’s all this and then some that I long to offer you.


My work experience – some highlights:


  • decades of experience that spans multiple industries: nonprofits, academics and higher-ed, the federal government, and for-profits
  • 15+ years of executive-level leadership
  • Senior VP for a global leadership development company focusing on communication skills, conflict resolution, feedback, coaching, delegation, and accountability
  • Corporate Trainer/Facilitator; worked directly with Verizon, Nordstrom, Hormel, Rodan+Fields, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, TJX, Dominos, and more.


  • more than 4,000 hours of one-on-one coaching with business owners, leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs – from startups to Fortune 100 companies
  • career and transition coaching to more than 5000 individuals – increasing promotion rates and overall development
  • multiple keynote addresses focused on leadership development; trained thousands of groups, and given a TEDx Women talk

Education – the basics:

  • Bachelors Degree in business and communication
  • Master of Divinity Degree focused on feminist theology
  • Certifications in Spiritual Direction; the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI); Master Facilitator/Trainer of proprietary content in coaching, feedback, conflict-resolution, and accountability; and Facilitator Educational Training with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and the Archetypal and Cross-Cultural Studies Institute

Additional details and random facts:

  • I have lived through the distinct pain of being a woman – in leadership and in life. I have known the risks, the costs, the disappointments, the challenges, and the requisite determination.
  • I am a proud mother to the two most amazing young women on the entire planet (and cannot be convinced otherwise).
  • I was in my early 40s before I learned about (and quickly adopted) feminism.
  • I have owned my own business for 15+ years.
  • I have trained, spoken, and written about women, their stories, and their strength for even longer.
  • I acknowledge the Coast Salish peoples of the land that touches the shared waters of all tribes and bands within the Duwamish, Puyallup, Suquamish, Tulalip and Muckleshoot nations. 
  • I believe that our stories shape us – the ones we’re aware of and especially the ones we’re not.
  • I have an ongoing idea that I want to live in a Tiny House.
  • I love black coffee in the morning (and a bit later than that…)
  • I will endlessly argue that RedVines are far better than Twizzlers.
  • The most true thing is this: women’s stories – when told in defiant and beautiful ways – have the power to change the world. 
  • Equally true: women are NEVER too much and they are MORE THAN enough.

Every one of these experiences, and then some, have compelled me toward the sacred work I do today…with and for you.


I know how much tenacity and wisdom it takes to survive as a woman, let alone thrive –  in relationships, careers, professions, and passions; what it takes to live a life that is awake, aware, endlessly transforming, and sovereign.

So I offer you as much support and wisdom and grace that I possibly can. Click on any and all that follows to learn more:

It is privilege and honor to be here. Truly.