Just because you’ve walked away from organized religion

(or perhaps never pandered to it in the first place)

doesn’t mean you’ve ever lost
your desire for sacred wisdom.

Especially the wisdom of women.

Which is profoundly sacred, of course!

The claiming of my own wisdom – and trusting it – has been hard won.

From the womb through my early 40s, my life was shaped by religion. I was steeped in doctrine (and dogma and patriarchy and misogyny) all of which had profound impact. Of course, there was goodness in all of this, as well; but the former did, eventually, make it too hard for me to sustain the latter.

None of it was not to be questioned; certainly not walked away from.

I’ve done both.

I walked away from my marriage (to the pastor), the church, and the beliefs I’d held sacred. I questioned every bit of that doctrine and dogma that had become like DNA. The patriarchy and misogyny? Don’t get me started… And along the way, I discovered an understanding and experience of my own spirituality that has far surpassed my expectations.

Your story does not have to mirror mine to know a similar hunger for stories of women and their wisdom, nor to know what it feels like to make hard choices on your own behalf.

Like me, you want to live a story that is rich, authentic, and grounded in your wisdom.

And you’re clear that any stories, creeds, doctrines, or beliefs demanding (even insinuating) that you or other women be less than, smaller, silenced, or shamed is not only unacceptable, but worthy of your holy wrath.

So, how do we find that wisdom and claim our own?

I’m SO glad you asked! 

My work, my heart, my deepest desire is to honor and fan-into-flame the endless and breathtaking wisdom within the ancient, sacred stories of women (and within you).

There is SO much to be found, told, reimagined, and redeemed! 

Want an example? 

Let’s talk about Eve, shall we?

Whether or not you give her story credence or even acknowledge the text within which it is housed, it is in your DNA.

One small story is responsible for nearly all the shame women feel, the silence women endure, and the sublimation women have known for generations.

The problem is not Eve or her story. It’s the telling.

When I choose to tell it a different way (without the doctrine and dogma) there is so much more impact, relevance, and meaning.

Hear Eve’s sacred wisdom and voice on your behalf:

“You reflect the divine.

Your desire is good.

Your choices do not birth disaster.”

She’s right.

There are countless stories yet to tell.

Some are known, like Eve; far more are unnamed and nearly invisible.

Each of them have so much they long to offer you!

Re-vision – the act of looking back, of seeing with fresh eyes, of entering an old text from a new critical direction – is for women more than a chapter in cultural history: it is an act of survival.

~ Adrienne Rich

Every one of these womens’ stories (and their inherent wisdom) deserves to be known, seen, heard, and honored.

They enable your story (and your inherent wisdom) to be known, seen, heard, and honored…as you deserve.

  • They convert lack of self-trust into undeniable self-belief and irrepressible confidence.
  • They transform your shame-default into irrevocable grace and strength.
  • They remind you that you are not alone – and never have been.
  • They replace your silence, especially in the face of conflict, with voice and certainty.
  • They undo internalized patriarchy and compel you to dismantle it in our world.
  • They see your fear, take your hand, and face it with you.
  • They become confidants, muses, sacred ancestors, and spiritual guides.
  • They welcome you into the sacred and the spiritual – distinctly feminine, powerful, and true.

‘Want even more reasons why these womens’ stories (and you) deserve to be heard and honored?

The list is long and beautiful; it matters.

I never get tired of talking about any and all of this: the women and their stories, our collective story, my story, and yours.

The wisdom of these ancient, sacred women is what invites and compels us to trust and act upon the wisdom that (already and always) dwells within us.

And that trust? That wisdom?

That is the sacred. That is the spiritual.

That is everything!

If you grew up in the church like me, I get it: this sounds upside down and backwards. You’ve been taught to not trust yourself and definitely not your wisdom. After all, that’s what Eve did and look what happened! *sigh* It’s time to change that story…

Good news: you don’t have to dive into these old stories yourself in order to access this sacred wisdom.

(That’s what I do on your behalf!)


Your only “work” is to reach out and take the wisdom that is rightfully yours.

(Oh, and believe it, apply it, trust it, live it.)

It’s as simple as picking an apple from a tree and taking a bite…

(Yes, the Eve-reference is on purpose.)

Hungry for
the sacred wisdom
of women?

Along with endless trust in your own?

Let’s talk about all this and then some in conversation together.