You hear your inner voice. The one that is smart, clear, opinionated, and wide awake. But when you speak, if you speak, that’s not quite what gets expressed.

You see what’s happening around you with great clarity – in your relationships, your work, your world. You know what is needed and even what to do. Still,  something holds you back.

You feel a growing force within. It’s full of desire, passion, and hope; maybe even righteous anger. But you’re pretty sure that letting it out – in all its glory, in all your glory – will create a whole cascade of problems you’re not sure you (or others) can deal with…or want to.

And in all of this, your deepest intention is and always has been to speak, love, act, serve, and be in ways that feel true, genuine, authentic, and integrous. You want to feel like – and be – your truest self! All the time.

I’ve experienced these gaps many a time: in the workplace, as a leader, in building my online business, in my (former) marriage, as a mother, and most certainly as a woman in this world.

In each, I’ve wanted nothing more (and certainly nothing less) than consistency between my inner world – that know-that-I-know-that-I-know voice within – and how I actually show up in my day-to-day world.  

There is no simple formula that enables a woman to courageously step into her innate wisdom and strength. But there ARE some things I’ve learned along the way. These are what I’m here to share with you. 

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SOVEREIGNTY is our birthright, our deepest desire, and the way in which we show up to our “one wild and precious life” with authenticity, courage, and grace.

is what I speak to,
am in service to,
and invite in the most potent and passionate
ways I can.


It’s what you deserve.
And when it’s present?
Well, it changes everything.

It’s worth saying again (and again and again):


You already have all the wisdom and strength

you could ever need.

It is yours to step into and live. (I’m right about this.)

You are not alone. You are not alone. You are not alone. (I’m right about this, too.)

There is a legion of women (and their stories) who accompany and support you; examples and archetypes of female sovereignty itself. They knew who they were, understood and trusted their wisdom and strength, and were able to heal and create change because of it. They’re with you. I promise. (I tell their stories all the time. I even gave a TEDx talk about one of them!)


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Ronna Detrick looks you in the eye. And she listens. And when she speaks, you can see her pulling down wisdom from St. Theresa to Simone de Beauvoir through the filter of her own lived experience, to give you a gem of grace – or grit. And, she can write – like a poet on a practical mission. Like a feminist with faith. 

Danielle LaPorte

Bestselling Author & Love-Aspirer

Ronna takes my hand and guides my words through a flame. We sit, side-by-side and watch as that flame licks away the old beliefs, the shoulds, the supposed to’s and the false narratives. The words that come through the other side are clean. Pure. Truer than true… and wholly mine. It is truly a sacred experience.

Kelly Diels

Feminist Marketing Consultant

Ronna is a modern-day demi-goddess. Part soul priestess, part tenderhearted feminist, her words are a divine benediction to all who hear them. She helped me recognize my resistance to reconciling the beliefs impressed on me throughout childhood. She is the perfect intermediary for soul work.

Nikki Groom

Brand Expert & Business Strategist

Learn more about your own SOVEREIGNTY, all the wisdom that is (already) yours, and powerful ways to step into the strength you know you have and that the world is waiting to see and experience with breathless anticipation.