Welcome! I’m Ronna Detrick.

My greatest love and deepest privilege is to honor and strengthen the stories of women.

Past: There is a treasure-trove of women’s stories that have not been told as they’ve deserved . . . as we’ve deserved to hear them! I’m changing that.

Present: YOU deserve to know and experience just how powerful you and your story are. No more doubt, restraint, or compliance; instead, wise, passionate, and sovereign.

Future: Women’s re-visioned stories and lives are what impact, heal and transform the world. I’m certain of it.

Re-vision – the act of looking back, of seeing with fresh eyes, of entering an old text from a new critical direction – is for us more than a chapter in cultural history: it is an act of survival. Until we can understand the assumptions in which we are drenched we cannot know ourselves.”

These words from Adrienne Rich are my endless motivation and mission. In my writing. In my coaching. With and for you.

Re-visioning is what I do. 

Yes, looking back; even more, within and ahead.

Seeing with fresh eyes.

Entering things from a new direction.

Understanding assumptions.

Inviting deep, vulnerable, and profoundly sacred self-knowledge on behalf of the stories that are yours to tell, the life that is yours to live, and the worlds that are yours to impact, heal, and transform.

May it be so.

Ronna Detrick looks you in the eye. And she listens. And when she speaks, you can see her pulling down wisdom from St. Theresa to Simone de Beauvoir through the filter of her own lived experience, to give you a gem of grace – or grit. And, she can write – like a poet on a practical mission. Like a feminist with faith.

~ Danielle LaPorte, Bestselling author, Love Aspirer

I have my fair share of stories and life-experiences that have been full of doubt, restraint, and compliance. Through reflection, re-visioning, endless grace, and amazing support, they have been the very things that invite and compel my ongoing growth, depth, and hope.

Not simply. Not easily. But true.

Now, at 61 (which I’m surprisingly happy about), I acknowledge and offer hard-won wisdom as well as bespoke practices that strengthen and sustain you: exactly what is needed to impact, heal, and transform your stories and our world.

I am grateful and humbled to be able to share all of this, all of me, with you.

Ronna is the kind of spiritual leader I’ve been waiting for. Her approach is gentle yet full of strength. Her teaching is full of grace but never compromising. She sees deep within souls…

~ Tara McMullin, Podcast host, writer, and speaker

My heart on your behalf . . . 

Every week I write you a letter.

It’s free. Lots of truth-telling and wisdom, my own and others’ stories, practical application and provocative questions. And re-visioning – always. All for you.

Ronna takes my hand and guides my words through a flame. We sit, side-by-side and watch as that flame licks away the old beliefs, the shoulds, the supposed to’s and the false narratives. The words that come through the other side are clean. They are pure. They are truer than true . . . and wholly mine. It is truly a sacred experience.

~ Kelly Diels, Feminist Marketing Consultant

My work with and for you.


Twice-monthly conversations. It’s sacred: what relationship between women invites. Powerful thought-partnership, deep transformation, and realized change. 



One woman’s story re-visioned on your behalf. A 15-20 page pdf that offer the wisdom you need and deserve. Re-visioning at its best and most profound!


The SacredMuse Deck

52 cards. 52 women. An endless affirmation of the deep feminine wisdom that already and always lies within you. Perfect for discernment and journaling.

$25 + S&H

My Book

Contracted for publication Fall of ’23, it curates 20 years of my writing, the stories I love, my own story, and all of my heart. I can hardly wait until it’s in your hands!

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Watch / Listen

There’s little I love more than talking about what I most believe: women’s stories deserve to be endlessly honored and strengthened.

Watch my TEDx Talk and listen to podcasts where I’m the guest. SUCH good conversations!

Ronna has been a trusted guide, teacher and advisor when I’ve required access to deep wisdom. Much of said wisdom has been hers – and much has been mine, but skillfully, artfully, brilliantly reflected back to me by her. That is extraordinary talent; but her gift is to invite and invoke the truth (and the stories) inherent in our being.

~ Tanya Geisler, Leadership Coach and Imposter Complex Expert

Take the next step.

I know how important (and rare) it is to have conversations that drop below the surface; in which you are truly seen and deeply heard. That’s what I offer – and love.

I intentionally block time for free coaching sessions to give you deserved spaciousness, hear your questions and wonderings, and to offer wisdom, perspective, encouragement, and hope.

No pressure or obligation. No pitch. Just conversation about what matters most. All of you – welcomed and wanted.

I have been blessed to receive Ronna’s generous, insightful, provocative feedback. That is her gift – to find the doorway that will take you deeper into the words that only your soul can speak. Her knowledge of that craft is powerful; the only thing more so is her desire for you to unearth and bring forth yours.

~ Julie Daley  Healer, Catalyst, and Writer