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According to an article in Forbes about Executive Coaching for CEOs, coaching helps ambitious women:

  • Think strategically about their careers
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Manage the politics
  • Work through challenging relationships
  • Create a plan for increased visibility and influence
  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt

I wholeheartedly agree. And when you feel strong, whole, and focused, there are a few more things we can add to the list: 

  • Clear commitment to the ways in which your career aligns with your truest identity
  • An inner knowing that directs external energy, efforts, and strategy 
  • More than “manage” politics; build relationships and compel change
  • Walk into days, meetings, emails, and then some with unquestionable integrity and alignment 

Above and beyond…

If my home page and bio touched you somehow, felt achingly familiar, and/or caused even the stillest, smallest voice within to say “I want that,” then that’s your soul, your intuition, your wisest self speaking – which never deceives or leads you astray.

Here’s my promise: I will listen to what you say (and don’t say), advocate, support, push, pull, applaud, and even weep – right alongside you. Because I know how much this matters, how much you want, how deep your desire runs for a career and a life that is defined by integrity, alignment, strength, and tenderness.

Perhaps more than all else, I will remind you – when you’ve forgotten or just don’t believe me – that you are stronger than you can even imagine. Every bit of the wisdom, guidance, hope, passion, and direction you’ll ever need is within you. You’re destined to live – and lead – in ways that are unique, powerful, beautiful, and yours.


So, all that remains is this: let’s work together.

Make the Business Case:

The International Coaching Federation offers the following data related to Executive Coaching:

70% – improved work performance
80% – increased confidence
72% – increased communication skills
96% – would step into the process again

You can demonstrate ROI to secure Professional Development dollars for our work together.

The Details:

Choose a 3, 6, or 12-month window of time to focus on your sustenance and strength. Professionally, personally, and an inextricable combination of both.

A two-part process to start:

  1. A survey/form that helps me best understand your past, present, and hoped-for future.
  2. An intake conversation that allows us to get to know one another, craft initial safety and connection, and begin the “mapping” of what you most want and need out of our time together. (This call is not part of your purchased package; it serves as complimentary starting point for our work together.)

Your package includes:

  • Private, weekly one-hour sessions on Zoom or by phone
  • A comprehensive follow-up email after each session that articulates major themes, specific next steps, and areas of attention for the week ahead
  • Email/text access for support, accountability, encouragement, (and strong opinions, as needed) in-between

[Continued 3-month blocks can be purchased ongoing.]

You also gain access to optional, exclusive writing coaching – a powerful supplement to your development, strength, clarity, and your writing! (Additional fee applies.)

Let’s connect, talk more, discern fit, and then begin…

Click below to schedule a 30-minute conversation together.