Truth-Telling Women. More, please!!!

The truth? I am surrounded by amazing women who speak the truth to me, who say the things I most need to hear, who encourage, who push, who motivate, who compel, who support, who love, who kick my ass! My friend Andrea has done a lot of that with/for me the past couple days (love you, Andrea!). My sister Lorri did last weekend (love you, Lorri!). And tonight, Kelly Diels.

“Just got off the phone with her. Love you, Kelly!

Me: in a funk, feeling overwhelmed, anxious about way too many things.

Kelly: perfect timing, calling to check in, totally inspiring me, making me laugh, and inviting me to spaces I need and want to inhabit! She’s a goddess, pure brilliance, and attached to me at some mysterious soul level.

And, if all this weren’t enough, the woman tells the truth!

As was true with Thursday’s post, I have had many ideas swimming in my head for today’s, but Kelly has said more than enough. Click. Read (truly…it will take you 5 seconds, max) and discuss. Here. There. Both.

And after you read her post (which, did I mention, will take you 5 seconds, max?) think about this:

How does Kelly’s truth-telling impact you? Do you cringe? Do you resonate? Do you breathe deep? Do you wonder how she does it? Do you wish you could?

I’d love to hear your answers. They matter. Telling the truth matters. Your truth matters – no matter what it is! Tell it!!!

Undoubtedly, I have more of my own to tell. More blog posts to write. More content to create. Thanks Andrea. Thanks Lorri. Thanks Kelly.

Truth-Telling Women. More, please!!!

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