The Inaugural Sound of a Woman’s Voice

Eve holds the title of first woman. No matter our different opinions about her, we allow her this rightful place – appearing in varying form and even different name throughout many of our most ancient texts, legends, and traditions.

Eve holds another distinguished honor that has been all but lost for the strife. A first that’s been forgotten; rarely, if ever celebrated and esteemed.

Eve is the first woman to speak.

In her we hear the inaugural sound of a woman’s voice – reverberating in space and text and time – changing everything

love that this is so.

Think of it. As many transcriptions, translations, and interpretations that this Text has endured, it would have been easy (and even understandable) to have Eve merely eating the fruit; her story passed down, generation after generation – far before it was ever recorded – and rendered completely silent. But that is not the case.

Despite all the ways in which her very words have been used as evidence that condemns her for the downfall of all humanity, all the voices throughout history that have shamed her desire, her choice, her actions, we cannot, must not pass over or disregard this powerful and glorious truth:

In all of Scripture, the first words spoken about a god, the first articulation of any kind of theological understanding, came into being through a woman’s voice.

Eve is the first person, not just woman, who has a conversation about the divine, who crafts a theology, who declares what she knows and understands, who states what she believes.

And though we can quickly move from voice to content, from the fact that she does speak to what she speaks, I am not willing to do so. It does not serve us, does not tell the whole story, and does not honor the divine’s heart on her behalf.

In some miraculous way, her voice has been allowed to echo through the ages as the first; the first to speak of god – a woman, this woman, Eve.  

And if hers, then by nature and privilege, yours. In Eve’s voice you are given not only permission, but Divine-right to articulate your own understanding of the Sacred, to speak, and to believe that yours, too, reverberates in space and text and time – changing everything.

Piercing through all the argument, all the divisiveness, all the pain, and thousands of years, Eve’s voice is an enduring tone that rings like a Tibetan bowl. If you listen, you can hear it still – echoing, humming, singing you into strength, courage, and wisdom. And in faith, you can also believe that the God of whom she spoke is the same one who protects and promotes not only her voice, but yours.

So do not question your right to speak. State your position. Ask hard questions. Voice your doubts. Make bold claims. Take great risks. Speak your heart. You are Eve’s daughter, her lineage, her kin.

It’s quite a legacy: that voice of yours.  


Eve’s is but one of the 52 cards-stories-women who stand at-the-ready to encourage and guide. Because 2014 is almost here, I am offering 35 Sacred Readings that are unique and particular to the New Year. Less than 10 remain. I’d love for you to have one of them; to discover the ancient, sacred woman who is choosing you, who will walk alongside you in the year ahead, who will offer you wisdom, comfort, and direction, who will most definitely invite and strengthen your voice. To have her presence with you in the days and months that follow might just change everything. All you have to do is ask

I just received my sacred reading from Ronna Detrick. It moved me so deeply, I had to stop reading mid-way to feel everything it brought up. It couldn’t have been more ‘right’. Everything I felt in response was alive, exhilarating, and yes, scary in the way you know the truth has been revealed…a truth I must live.  ~ Julie Daley

Want more about Eve; the legacy and lineage that is yours? Hear her voice on your behalf through mine. My TEDx talk.

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    Shann December 3, 2013 at

    Thank you! I love this quote: “In Eve’s voice you are given not only permission, but Divine-right to articulate your own understanding of God, to speak, and to believe that yours, too, reverberates in space and text and time – changing everything.” Such a gorgeous reminder to speak our truth and revel in our passion.
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    Ronna Detrick December 3, 2013 at

    You’re SO welcome, Shann. I’m deeply grateful that it/Eve speaks…and you, as well!


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