Ronna Detrick looks you in the eye. And she listens. And when she speaks, you can see her pulling down wisdom from St. Theresa to Simone de Beauvoir through the filter of her own lived experience, to give you a gem of grace – or grit. And, she can write – like a poet on a practical mission. Like a feminist with faith.

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Ronna Detrick is a writer, feminist, scholar, mama, friend, renegade,
and conversation-sparker (and sustainer).
She wrestles faith and feminism.
She leaps tall buildings in a single bound. She does it with grace.

Kelly Diels of Cleavage - Copywriter & Digital Strategist


Ronna writes like a woman on fire with faith and love – she burns to help you see more clearly the life you can be living. I learn something about myself every time I read her work.

Jennifer Louden, best-selling author and creator of the Savor & Serve Project

Ronna makes room for the conversations that need to happen.
The stuff that splits us open in the best possible way + makes room for the bigness to pour in + pour out. The world needs this kind of magic more than ever. Big ups.
~ Fabeku Fatunmise

Ronna makes my relationship to my own spirituality tangible, somehow; in dialog with her I can imagine God as the benevolent presence I’ve always wanted him/her to be.  Nobody in my adult life has made me reconsider my own spirituality so provocatively and, ultimately, so productively.  Because of Ronna I can feel my own faith underneath me, a hammock, a support, and I’m immensely grateful for this.
~ Lindsey Mead Russell, A Design So Vast

You never EVER cease to amaze me with your way of dancing so elegantly with these 26 letters of the alphabet. I am deeply glad for your perspective on matters of God and faith and how to keep my heart as open as my mind to things.
~ Currie Silver, artist & blogger

Ronna’s work as a mentor is so effective because she’s trained in therapy and spiritual direction; provocative as a feminist thinker; and brilliant at understanding the practical steps..And of course, she’s done the hard work herself—she knows what it is like to struggle with claiming the courage to live boldly into oneself. 
Kimberly George, scholar, writer extraordinaire, and feminist friend


Ronna is a modern-day demigoddess. Part-soul priestess, part-tenderhearted feminist, her words are a divine benediction to all who hear them. She has an instinctive knack for prising you open with the utmost compassion — & she helped me recognize my resistance to reconciling with the beliefs impressed on me throughout my childhood. Ronna is someone I trust implicitly & she is the perfect intermediary for this type of soul work.
~ Nikki Groom, Extraordinary Writing for Extraordinary Women


Ronna is the kind of spiritual leader I’ve been waiting for. Her approach is gentle yet full of strength. Her teaching is full of grace but never compromising. She sees deep within souls without ever losing sight of the full scope of creation. 

~Tara Gentile, business coach and author of The Art of Earning

Ronna is my go-to source for taking my exploration
of trust and faith into action.
She has incited in me an activation of values to the tune of
identity shifts,  truth telling and a deepening of my own self-understanding.
Ronna’s work is a deep gift to you and your community.
Do not hesitate…She’s remarkable.

Dyana Valentine, Oracle, Outlaw, and Originator of the Woke Up Knowing Experience

Ronna tells stories that are like quiet earthquakes. And the quaking heart of them changes the lives of untold numbers of women and our daughters. They break us out of the blindered mythology of the old stories that were created to maintain a patriarchal power structure. They give us the power to think new thoughts. They give us a whole new way to understand life and to know–and be–ourselves.
~ Lori Brown Patrick, freelance editor and writer at GrammarWitch, LLC

Ronna Detrick is a wise, winsome, and insightful woman.
She addresses the matters of this age with foresight and compassion.
She speaks to the heart…
Dan B. Allender, Ph.D., Founding President~The Seattle School, Therapist and Author of more than 10 books

I love that I can KEEP IT REAL with you.
You invite that kind of honest courage with your own writing
and unique presence in the world of relationships…
~ Jennifer Manlowe, Writing Coach at


We made a great choice in bringing Ronna to our organization on three different occasions to train over 75 of our senior and mid-level executives on customer service, teamwork and leadership content. She was able to facilitate open conversations with these employees, drawing out brutally honest but incredibly valuable feedback. We definitely intend to incorporate Ronna into our corporate training budget moving forward. ~ Lorri Detrick, COO Access Dental & Blue Hills Dental, Sacramento CA