Sacred Conversation: You and Me

A safe space to consider big and small questions, to express desires, to acknowledge hungers, to safely speak of sadness and anger and doubt and hope (yes, always hope) – all under the shelter of my care, my perspective, my hope on your behalf. 

My heart-felt response to your story, your doubts, your struggles, and your desires. 

Practical, meaningful, elegant ways to integrate a generous, relevant, and grace-filled spirituality – wholeness, really – into your day-to-day life, your relationships, your work, everything.


My personal experience with Spiritual Direction (the more “formal” title for these Sacred Conversations) was a nearly three-year relationship with one woman. It was a gift beyond-compare for me to meet with her every couple weeks to start, and later, once a month – knowing that she held my ever-accumulating story and a deep awareness of my heart. When I began, I had no way of knowing the ways in which she would impact – and change – my life. One conversation at a time.

The Specifics

  • A couture and highly-personalized experience; deeply-meaningful conversation on what you need to talk about, ask about, think about, and feel your way through.
    • Some of my clients talk to me about their business – how to be as connected and passionate about it as possible.
    • Others talk to me about their relationships – past, present, and future; about both harm and hope; about the ways in which they long to show up in their own life.
    • With some, I we talk of spirituality, faith, beliefs (or lack thereof, and how to walk through their days feeling connected to a larger Story, an awareness of the Divine, a perspective on the Sacred in all that they do, think, say, and feel.
    • What is the conversation that you most need and long to have? Then that’s the one we will have.
  • One conversation at a time. 1 hour via phone. 2 calls per month.  
  • Unlimited email access. Questions? Experiences? Thoughts? Emotions? I’m available to you. On call. Here – with you – present.  
  • Sacred and safe space. Your pace. My guidance. Our winding, mysterious, divine-filled path together.
  • Crafted-for-you next-steps, exercises, practices, and ongoing things to ponder, reflect on, and consider until our next scheduled session.
  • A sacred rhythm in each call that includes a uniquely-selected “invocation” as we begin, a “benediction” as we complete, and beautiful, rich opportunity to rest and stretch and wonder and grow in between.
  • A follow-up email will arrive just after every call that includes the readings used (invocation/benediction) for your ongoing reflection, as well as crafted-for-you next steps, journaling prompts, exercises, and practices that will strengthen you and exponentially increase your awareness of the Sacred within and without.

Click on either hyperlinked option below to be taken to a payment page. I will contact you immediately to schedule our first session together.

1 session: $150 | 3-months (6 sessions): $450

(Please contact me to discuss my sliding-scale rate – available on a case-by-case basis:

Truth-be-told, I didn’t think I was ready for this conversation when I started. I wondered if I knew enough, if I’d have anything to say, if I was going to be out-of-my-element, over-my-head, under-water. But what I discovered was, in fact, that I’d been ready far longer than I’d known. My heart was hungry. And it was the kindness of my Spiritual Director that ushered me into spaces of grace and expanse I’d only imagined. 
I will offer you the same. 

An important disclaimer: Our conversation together (or my ability to work effectively on your behalf) does not assume or at all require a particular system of beliefs, a background in the church, any particular denominational affiliation, or a strong understanding of all things theological. It assumes that you live your life with an awareness that there is more to be learned, discovered, and understood; that there is a sacredness afoot that you long to experience more consistently; that deep, rich conversation with someone who really listens and really cares has the potential to change everything.

I want to talk to you more as it would be helpful; as you discern if Sacred Conversation is right for you. Email me anytime:



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