make the business case

In my experience, I have had to consistently advocate on my own behalf to procure the resources I needed to not only grow, but survive. That has sometimes gone easily; more times, it’s been a bit of a battle. But it’s a fight worth engaging in – on your own behalf.

Here are 5 ways to get your employer on board:

1. Do the work for them

Despite studies that demonstrate the measurable benefits of coaching, don’t assume your employer knows and understands. To get the go-ahead, do your research and provide an expected ROI on this investment.

2. Own your development

Identify 3 specific areas where you want and intend to see improvement and share those with your employer. This demonstrates that you are taking an active role in your growth and are committed to what it will take to become even more valuable. It also puts self-awareness on your ever-growing list of skills and attributes as a leader.

3. Identify an ROI

What change do you intend to achieve through our work together? How will that translate into added business value? Be specific. Let your employer know exactly how you believe coaching will help.

4. Do your homework

Have a coach already in mind, and know the fee schedule. For your employer to pay, they need to know exactly what the investment will be. Executive coaches can range from $250/hr to over $1000, and most believe in a 3-6 month engagement. Know what you are asking for. And be prepared to negotiate the terms. Perhaps your employer would pay half, but ask for more. The benefit is clear.

5. Time it right

A great performance review, as example, is ideal, of course; but don’t wait for the perfect time. It probably won’t come. And let’s be honest: in the midst of COVID, it’s natural to feel relatively convinced that your ask is somehow inappropriate or selfish. Exactly the opposite is true. Your desire to invest in coaching actually demonstrates your desire to invest in them. This is the time.


Of course, as we move forward toward securing our working relationship, I will provide you the documentation needed to ensure your employer’s certainty in my background, experience, and expertise.

Schedule a 30-minute connect call; we’ll talk this through and more…


[I wish I could take full credit for the 5 points above. Attribution and thanks belongs here.]