Blessed are you among women.

What I imagine Mary would want you to hear, to know, to believe:

Michelangelo's PietaThe angel said to me: “Do not be afraid, Mary.
For you have found favor with God.”

I was chosen.
I nurtured and carried the Divine.
I labored and birthed Love.
I knew tenacious desire and endless grief.
I was a bearer of life.

Just like you.

You see the sacred.
You create miracles
You (be)hold God.
You mother the incarnate power of love. 
You are a bearer of life.

In you – endlessly and infinitely – gestates
that which has the capacity to change the world.

Just like me.

What I heard the angel say, so I say to you:
“Do not be afraid.
For you have found favor with God.”

Such life you bear.
Such hope you carry.
Such power you bring forth.

Blessed are you among women. 
My lineage. My kin.  



Callahan's EveMy rendering of Mary’s words above accompany the next woman to grace my Sacred Art collection – created in collaboration with artist, Callahan McDonough. In-process even now, she is taking shape and form in Callahan’s studio and is soon to join the four existing icon-like prints (plus accompanying text) now available (Eve, Extravagant, Elizabeth, and Deborah). Truly, I’d love for these women and their stories to grace your home and your heart.

And as you might imagine, Mary is but one of the 52 women who long to walk with, accompany, and guide you into and through 2014. I am offering just 35 New Year Sacred Readings. Only 8 remain. Imagine how your year would be different with the ancient, sacred wisdom, encouragement, and hope of one woman who comes alongside to strengthen and bless. All you have to do is ask. (Sacred Readings are also available as gift.)

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    Joan Silva December 6, 2013 at

    Beautiful message and so timely for me. Fear is so ever present for me. I do many practices to shift it into my heart, to be transformed into love. This message spoke to that for me. What’s involved with a reading?


    Ronna Detrick December 6, 2013 at

    I’m so glad that Mary speaks directly to your heart, Joan; that my words on her behalf offer you courage and strength.

    The Readings. Read more here: Right now I am doing New Year’s Readings – drawing a unique and particular card-story-woman from Scripture who will offer you wisdom and guidance in 2014. REALLY powerful stuff. I continue to be moved by what and who comes forth…


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