A Feminist with Faith (yes…it’s possible)

Amazon-Kindle ~ A Feminist with FaithA Feminist with Faith offers 3 practical, do-able, and deeply meaningful steps that strengthen and sustain: 

1. Recognize a God who looks like you. Many of us have lost this ability, or never had it in the first place. And in the absence of such, it is incredibly difficult as a woman to find and experience a faith that is relevant or even meaningful. But oh, the potential when we do recognize that God… 

2. Continually ask, “What is at stake and for whom?” A question that parses through cultural messaging, academic and interpretative work, even (and maybe especially) religion. It’s also a question we must ask ourselves.

3. Live in 1st person. powerful feminist discipline, it’s value is undeniable when it comes to self-talk, faith-talk, and relational/professional/spiritual strength. Step out of places in which you find yourself observing…or not quite expressing exactly how you feel. 1st person brings you back to yourself; back home.



A Feminist with Faith will appeal to you if:

  • you are a feminist who is curious about and/or longs for a faith that doesn’t weaken or compromise.

  • you are a woman of faith who longs to step into places of strength and boldness while sustaining your beliefs.

  • you are a feminist who feels slightly (if not more) cynical and maybe even sad about organized religion, faith, and belief in general; still, there is a low-grade-and-growing awareness within that something is asking for attention in the spiritual aspect of your life.

  • you are a woman of faith who feels slightly afraid and increasingly thrilled to maybe-just-maybe move toward feminism and an intelligent/compassionate critique of the system within which you live.

  • you are a feminist with faith who longs for both practical and passionate ways to strengthen and sustain both!

On Amazon-Kindle: Only $2.99

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